Give Her A Push (GHAP)

While the Global apparel market is valued at over 3 trillion naira, research shows that over $1 billion is spent annually to import fabrics and that Nigerian fashion garment and Footwear industry is worth over 890billion naira. This represents a huge market gap and opportunity for upcoming local operators.

The fashion industry has become a critical component of the Nigerian economy, creating jobs, promoting creativity, ingenuity and culture. But, there currently exist a lot of untapped opportunities in the Nigeria Informal sector, particularly in the micro and small scaled fashion Industry.

Women are engaged in several activities ranging from garment construction, tailoring, fashion trainings, fashion retailing, magazines, modelling, consultancy, photography etc. Majority of these women are currently facing several challenges such as unfavourable business environment; cultural and traditional beliefs, poor educational background, lack of access to finance, relevant information, modern technology etc.

The GHAP, a fashion business accelerator program, exists to build the capacity of creative women by creating entrepreneurial training to improve their businesses which will create multiple increase in their income, standard of living for both themselves and their households

Objectives of GHAP

To empower and build the capacity of women–owned fashion start-ups, connect them with supportive resources to thrive and be sustainable in our fast-changing world.

Goal 1

To Identify 100 creative, viable and high growth potential ‘fashion businesses’ owned and managed by women in Nigeria.

Goal 2

Provide interactive practical fashion business management and leadership training for 100 women to improve their profit and sustain income generation.

Goal 3

To create connections to supportive network and resource set, through mentoring and alumni engagements.

Goal 4

Stimulate connections to local and international opportunities such as competitions, fashion shows, exhibitions, run ways and expos.

Selection criteria

Nominees must:

  1. Be a Nigerian Female, not more than 35 years of age
  2. Be a fashion designer or Tailor or Accessories manufacturer, running her own micro/small fashion business in Nigeria.
  3. Have a minimum of 2 years’ experience running a fashion business, which must employ between 1- 9 persons
  4. Have a minimum of first school-leaving certificate (e.g., WAEC, SSCE etc)
  5. Be creative, innovative, brave and entrepreneurial
  6. Be willing to commit her time and talent to grow her fashion business to international standards


Below are the benefits:

  1. Successful participant will receive AFDEC business recognition certificate which will serve as an endorsement to enhance and facilitate business relations amongst other African members.
  2. Extensive and practical trainings on the business side of fashion
  3. Coaching and mentoring by renowned local and international fashion mentors
  4. Access to funding for shortlisted nominees
  5. Fashion entrepreneurs will be enlisted on AFDEC web business campaign and social media promotion services
  6.  Internship opportunities
  7. Outstanding participants will be opportune to showcase their products during AFDEC fashion exhibitions or her relevant partners
  8. AFDEC will create linkage opportunities to participants, to promote indigenous and international business expansion
  9. Peer to Peer learning, sharing and networking amongst other fashion entrepreneurs in the cohort as well as experienced AFDEC Alumni’s on the AFDEC Network.
  10. Dedicated support from the AFDEC Network, Plus AFDEC’s verified vendors and international partners.

GHAP program details

The qualified nominees in all categories will participate in the 4 phases of the program namely:

Individuals of the general public are encouraged to nominate women or young girls who are exceptionally creative but need support to grow their small fashion businesses.

In this phase, we compare applicants current state to their desired state – where are they are now and where they would want to be? We identify specific gaps, set benchmarks for success, outline measurable targets, and select analytics tools.

3 days residential fashion business management and leadership training for successful shortlisted nominees, short term Internships, plus one-year one-on-one mentoring.

Our team designs a customized solution and implementation plan through the participant’s workbook to meet individual’s objectives within the time frame required. Every participant will work closely with their project manager and mentors to make sure the plan is a good fit with realistic objectives and achievable outcomes.

Outstanding nominees will be given opportunity to showcase their products and services through organized exhibitions.

Please Note: Each participant is required to pay a counterpart fee of ₦60,000 (sixty thousand naira only).

The 2021/22 ‘Give Her A Push’ Timeline will be announced Soon!
Watch This Space!