AFDEC Annual Conference – "Women In Fashion Summit"

Women in Fashion Summit is AFDEC’s annual conference for women in Fashion and related Industry. The Conference provides community, connections, motivation, and inspiration, experience sharing, networking and discussion on broad range of issues surrounding the progress of Women and their journey in the Creative and Fashion Industry.

The past edition of the conference has been graced by several creative’s including Garment manufacturers, Accessory Manufacturers, Fashion Designers, Tailors, Fashion trainers, Retailers, Stylists, Lifestyle Bloggers, Fashion Journalists, models, consultants , photographers, Illustrators, Merchandisers’, Marketers, Exporters, Private Companies, Agencies and Corporations.

The end of the year event also serves a centre stage for Discussing Ideas, Opportunities and Connections that will not only spotlight the Sustainable Development Goals 1,5 and 8 but focus on how Africa can take its place on the global Fashion Space.

Another highlight of the Conference includes presentation of recognition awards to notable individuals and corporate organizations who have set exceptional standards in helping women out of poverty, but also striving vividly to close the gender gap through various economic empowerment programs.

Objective of "Women In Fashion" Conference

To Inspire women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors including the Fashion Industry which is essential to build financial independence; stronger economies and achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability.