The Culture And Peace Festival

The Culture and Peace festival was born out of the need for a global expression of our local creativity and promotion of our rich heritage of peaceful co-existence despite our huge diversity.

The festival creates an inspiring atmosphere of friendship, harmony and unity leading to ripples of endless positive possibilities including international exchange, sustainable recycling, cultural discoveries, tourism, Inventions etc.

Proving evidently that Peace is possible regardless our diverse tribes, language, religion, skin colour, ethnic or political backgrounds.

With a 2017 maiden edition themed “Recreate the culture of peace”, the event has till date showcased some craftsmanship and handmade unique collections, skills and crafts translated by local artisans and vibrant youths who infuse modern trends, styles, innovation and technology to spice up our traditional way of life and make them appealing, relevant in our modern lives and future events.

Annually, the Highlight of this Event includes: A Peace Walk, followed by an exhibition of creative and innovative talents, arts, crafts and cultural displays of different talented groups.

The details of the 2021 culture and Peace Festival, venue and Sequence of Activities will be Announced Soon

Watch this Space!

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